Fast, reliable, and secure, EdgeFXAsia provides locally hosted electronic liquidity and distribution tools, serving the needs of Asia-Pacific corporate and institutional clients. Leveraging Edgewater's proprietary technology, EdgeFXAsia streamlines access for local participants allowing them to efficiently engage with the Global FX marketplace, removing significant latency for manual traders leading to improved performance and fill ratios.

EdgeFXAsia, provides onshore and offshore participants access to deep liquidity, from global, regional, and emerging market partners, specializing in the following pairs:

  • Singapore Dollar
  • Hong Kong Dollar

  • China Yuan
  • Philippine Peso

  • Indonesian Rupiah
  • Indian Rupee

  • Taiwan Dollar
  • Korean Won

EdgeFXAsia delivers:

  • Streamlined access utilizing TY3 data center
  • Peer to Peer Central Limit Order Book posting of interest
  • Best Technology Available to transact locally and globally
  • Counterparty credit remediation between Local and Global players
  • STP processing
  • Analytic and Trade optimization tools
  • Onshore/Offshore Forward Market Making